What We Believe


What we believe

Proudly preaching an undiluted gospel to a generation desperately needing to hear absolute truth. This present generation has been held captive and limited, living far beneath the purchased right and privilege given to us by Christ, because of people pleasing gospel. May we never forget that God has ordained only Truth to set us free. Truth according to Jesus’ standard. Flattery sends people to hell. Truth gains them Eternal Life, and Victory Today.

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handing out food to community
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About San Pedro



San Pedro is located about 35miles North East of Belize City. Accesible only by sea or air. The island of San Pedro is about 30miles long and a few hundred feet wide, with about 20 miles populated. San Pedro has been under constant development for the past 15 years.



San Pedro is rich in culture and ethnically diverse. San Pedro has about 35,000 residence all made up of Creole, Spanish, Garifunas Chinese, Arabs, Mayans, Americans. All beautiful and wonderful people. 



San Pedro is rich in natural resources. Its people thrive off Tourism, since it boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world; Commercial and sport Fishing, Snorkling, Scuba- diving, Bird watching, or just wonderful relaxation.



San Pedro’s dominant religion is Catholicism by tradition. Although most of its people are not practicing Catholics, they just have the name. Nonetheless its difficult to introduce them to a relationship with Christ because the mindset is basically that they have God already. San Pedro also has about 8 small evangelical churches, all conducting their services in spanish except for ours, The Living Word Church which is fully english speaking.



Because of its rapid development and progress, San Pedro ignorantly neglects the greater values of life. There is a quick rising of Divorce/Separation, Promiscuity, Domestic violence, Prostitution, Single-parenting, Teen pregnancy, Homosexuality, Drug abuse, Alcohol abuse. Young children have no restraint for their lives because their is hardly any Parental guidance and discipline.