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SANTERIA (The way of the Saints)

Have you been a believer of “SANTERIA”? Or know someone who is involved in this Ritual?
I’ll be delivering a Full Packed Sermon Educating you on the History of this Religion and all the Satanic Consequences that entails such behavior and beliefs.

Unveiling Santa Muerte Sermon

So many struggle to let go of Deceased family members, thinking they can offer help or communicate with them who have once lived among us and is now in the Afterlife. Sadly they are deceived when they hear a response from the dead, Its’ a message beyond the grave but it’s not coming from your Great Grand Father

New Age Deception

Oh how man has been led Astray, Worshiping the Universe, creating finite Gods from inanimate object and turning to Idols and praising mankind! Jesus created the Heavens and Earth for Man to be marveled and Turn to him with Praise and Worship, but instead they are worshipping false Gods.

lying spirits


A lie is not made by man. It is sourced by a Demon that compels you to tell anything but the Truth. Demons all have the same destructive goals for your life. I will show you “Why LYING SPIRITS are the Worst.”​

spirit of anger

Spirit of Anger

The fact that you are always unhappy and always offended shows that you are dealing with something greater than you understand. There is a big culprit behind your misery and his name is Anger!!!

monitoring spirits

Monitoring Spirits

You’re not alone and you need to realize there is something watching you. It stares at you when you are not noticing, It’s watching your every move and It’s even near you when you sleep. If you have a Monitoring Spirit following you, it’s time you learn how to deal with it!