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Escaping Jehovah’s Witnesses – The Watchtower Corruption Leaked!

Escaping Jehovah’s Witnesses – The Watchtower Corruption Leaked!

Freemasonry EXPOSED 2- The Raw TRUTH

Now that you Realize Freemasonry is Dark and hides Many Secrets, I will take you Deeper into the Horror and Deceit.

Freemasonry EXPOSED

Ignorance does not exempt us from curses. Freemason may be a man’s fraternity club, but through that one man who participates, the entire family inherits life long demonic curses and diseases. You might be suffering from these freemason curses and don’t even know.

Exposing CULTS – The 1st Details in Religious Deceptions

A Popular Saying from Men of Cult- “We all Serve the Same GOD”. Quickly Ask them if their God is “JESUS” and you’ll find out if we serve the same God!

Demons and your DNA pt. 2

There are not many options to choose from to fix our Demon infested DNA. As a matter of fact, there is only one option, JESUS. He’s the Perfect Option that will make you completely demon free! It’s time to Flush that Bloodline Clean!

Demons and your DNA

We were made in the Perfect Image of God and he makes NO Mistakes in our Design. BUT SATAN HIJACKED our Mind and our DNA…and now we see Severe Corruption this Modern Lifestyle and Beliefs.

SANTERIA (The way of the Saints)

Have you been a believer of “SANTERIA”? Or know someone who is involved in this Ritual?
I’ll be delivering a Full Packed Sermon Educating you on the History of this Religion and all the Satanic Consequences that entails such behavior and beliefs.