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Spirit of Leviathan – ends relationship with God

Leviathan’s main objective is to stop the ministry of deliverance.

SPIRIT OF PYTHON 🐍- A Serpentine Demon

You’re Overwhelmed and you can’t seem to get the past to stay in the past

SPIRIT of OCTOPUS🐙- A Marine Demon😈

Hidden in the depths lurks a very insidious Demon “Spirit of Octopus”.

Spirit of Rejection- You’ll be alone till Death

You’re looking for attention in any and every way possible?

Spirit of WITCHCRAFT🧙‍♂️ – Generational Curses😱

Now’s the time to educate yourself of the powerful Hereditary Oppression of WITCHCRAFT!

Spirit of Divination

The Spirit of Divination will have you thinking he can provide you the ability to see the future, but you’ll be surprised how your future will truly end up with this gift!

Spirit of Bondage

Are you Stuck in a life Cycle of Bad habits that just cannot stop? You are a victim to the “Spirit of BONDAGE”!