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Spirit of Bondage

Are you Stuck in a life Cycle of Bad habits that just cannot stop? You are a victim to the “Spirit of BONDAGE”!

Dangers of Tarot

Evil has always Enticed Man as Harmless Magic. Satan has seduced humans into Witchcraft, Sorcery and many forms of Dark Rituals!

Breaking Inner vows

Breaking Inner vows and bitter root judgements.

Demons and Black Magic

Too many people are searching for Power and a sense of Belonging, seeking Authority from Demons by Witchcraft, Dark Rituals and Communicating with the Dead! Today they have achieved their own special Curses disguised as Powers! There’s a Special Place in Hell for Satanic Worshipers!


Satan’s Most Insidious Advocates Reside in the Deepest parts of the Ocean! This will be an in depth- Teaching on the Marine Spirits and you will learn why Oppressions run Deep!
Don’t Miss it, you are getting a Powerful Teaching that will reveal things to you that you won’t find anywhere else!

Destroying Evil Altars

Not every Altar is a Place of Worship to Jesus!

Spirit of Infirmity

Jesus gave us Authority to cast out Demons and Heal the SICK!!! Why do we lay defeated with the Infirmities of Satan himself?
It’s your time to take a stand and drive out every sickness that the devil has placed upon you and send it back to the pits of Hell!