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Missions Opportunity

 We are always in need for groups to come down to our island and help in our local ministry efforts and other outreaches. 

Our primary need for short term mission teams are: 

* VBS every year between June 30th – August 30th 

* Open air outreaches, 3-5 nights per group, anytime between January 15th – August 30th 

*Building teams (desperately needed)  we welcome groups of any Christian denomination. 

San Pedro is a very beautiful Island to visit and have fun, but San Pedro is a very corrupt place that needs the gospel of Jesus as much as it can get, and as frequently as possible. San Pedro has about 15,000 residence, and has 8 small evangelical churches in contrast to having 105+ bars. San Pedro has had a steady rise of Prostitution, Homosexuality, Excessive Alcohol abuse, Drug Abuse, Promiscuity, Youth perversion, Divorce/Separation, Spousal abuse, Single parenting and a stronghold of Catholicism.

Take a look at some of our outreaches

Toy Outreach

Prison Outreach

Back Pack Outreach

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