Children's ministry
At Living Word Church in Belize, our vibrant children’s ministry is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth and development of our youngest members. We believe in providing a safe and engaging environment where children can learn about their faith and build a personal relationship with God.
Through our Sunday School classes, we teach age-appropriate lessons, share Bible stories, and explore moral values and principles. Our dedicated team of children’s ministers organizes engaging worship services designed specifically for children, where they can actively participate and learn in a fun and interactive manner.
We also hold special events such as Vacation Bible School, offering an immersive experience that includes crafts, games, and interactive lessons. Family involvement is at the heart of our ministry, as we believe in supporting parents and creating opportunities for families to grow together in their faith. At Living Word Church, we are committed to equipping our children with a strong foundation for their spiritual journey and fostering a lifelong love for God.