Tv ministry

“A BETTER WAY OF LIVING” is an impactful TV Ministry that reaches every corner of Belize, delivering a message of hope and transformation to the entire nation. Broadcasting on various channels across different districts, our program can be found on Channel 9 and Channel 20 for the residents of San Pedro Island. Our primary mission is to share the remarkable gospel of Jesus Christ with the approximately 200,000 unchurched individuals who tune in each week. We firmly believe that through God, there is a path to a more wholesome and fulfilling life. Guided by Isaiah 50:4, our purpose is to provide words of comfort and encouragement to those who are weary. Through our TV broadcasts, we strive to chisel away the unwanted and ungodly aspects of people’s lives, revealing the inherent beauty bestowed upon them by the Lord. If you share our passion for reaching the lost sheep of God, we warmly invite you to support our TV Ministry.